Nicolo Orozco

Nicolo Orozco

Yuba City Unified School District Board of Trustees, Area 02, CA

2020 Endorsement

Nicolo lives in Yuba City, the community he was raised in, where he takes care of his amazing rescue named Squiggles. He has a remarkable passion for education which is complemented by his familiarity with Yuba City Unified School District. From Kindergarten to his high school graduation, Nicolo learned as a student in YCUSD’s classrooms. Surprisingly though, he has worked as a staff member in more YCUSD classrooms than he was a student in. Throughout his experience in Yuba City Unified, he has been grateful for those who advocated for students and cognizant of those processes where students were not advocated for or represented.

These experiences, as an immediate family member and employee, inspired him to pursue service in a different manner . . . as the Trustee for Yuba City Unified School District’s Governing Board Area 2.

He saw a need to advance the inclusion of all students, particularly those students receiving special education services. Further, he heard a community that felt unheard and craved transparency and greater participation in school planning processes, if, for no other reason, to ensure this planning was actually taking place. Lastly, he worked alongside staff that were eager to collaborate but whose value and input was often dismissed or not even solicited.

With his strong education, diverse experiences, and familiarity with the community and its schools, Nicolo would be honored to have your vote so he may continue his service to YCUSD as your Area 2 Governing Board Trustee.