Fort Myers Mosquito Control District, Area 1, FL

2020 Endorsement

Taruas is no stranger to the community as he was born and raised in the City of Fort Myers. He attended Lee County Public Schools, and a proud Class of 2000 graduate of Riverdale High School. He continued his education at Southwest Florida College earning an Information Technology Management degree and currently pursuing a BA degree in Administration.

He has managed business progress, development, budgets, and established grounds for others to grow by communicating belief in them and focusing on setting high but achievable standards. It is his pleasure to utilize his experience and knowledge to improve and direct the Lee County Mosquito / Hyacinth District to become a model for other districts in the State of Florida.

Mosquito Control is critical for several reasons: Public health, quality of life, tourism, and our economy.

2020 Summer Rainy Season for example, has created a challenge for the Lee County Mosquito Control District. With the large amounts of rainfall, the low-lying areas flood for a period of weeks. The ground becomes saturated and water would sit for days without draining off, creating breeding beds for mosquitos.

Taruas is a proud Floridian who is grateful to live in this community and will strive to continue to see it flourish.

His platform is simple:

Embrace new technologies to combat mosquito-borne illness and disease while protecting our waterways.

You will see my name:

Taruas Anthony Pugh on the November 3rd ballot.