Carina Miller

Carina Miller

Oregon Senate, District 30, OR

Carina grew up in Rural Central Oregon on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. She is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. Today, she chooses to live in her hometown and works at the local non-profit - the Warm Springs Community Action Team.

Carina attended her local public school district, Jefferson County 509J, kindergarten through 12th grade. She graduated from Madras High School in 2005 and went on to get a B.S. in Ethnic Studies from the University of Oregon.

Having lived in Warm Springs, Eugene, Albany & Pendleton, Carina understands the importance of strong leadership for Rural Oregon Communities. Oregon State Government representation is dominated by more populated Urban areas. Carina is a strong voice for Rural Families and Individuals who choose to live in beautiful Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Oregon.

Ties to the land and the way of life in Senate District 30, is part of who Carina is. Her ancestors lived along the Columbia River and its Tributaries, practicing subsistence fishing and hunting. On the Warm Springs Reservation, her Grandparent's families ranched. Stories of the old day's stories relay the importance of neighbors supporting one another in trying times, for the benefit of all.