Amanda L. White Eagle

Amanda L. White Eagle

Wisconsin Assembly, District 92, WI

2020 Endorsement

Amanda is a near-lifelong resident of Wisconsin. Her dad, Denis Rockman, was in the Air Force, and she was born on an Air Force base in Grand Forks, North Dakota. After he was discharged, their family returned to Wisconsin, as both of he and his wife, Joyce (Amanda’s mother) grew up on family farms. They knew this was where they wanted to raise a family. They instilled a strong work ethic and showed me how to be a public servant. And following, Wisconsin is where Amanda chooses to live and work, and raise her family.

Amanda graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with liberal arts degrees in 2001. She attended the University of Wisconsin Law School, and obtained her juris doctor degree in 2005. She is an enrolled member of the Ho-Chunk Nation; she has worked for the Ho-Chunk Nation tribal government for the past fifteen years, as the tribe’s Associate Judge, Interim Chief Judge, Attorney General, and Senior Tribal Counsel.

She’s running because of the hardships that her family and people around here will undoubtedly face. She listens to people and their struggles ranging from social security, health care, road conditions, and taxes. She listens to young people and their concerns with active shooter drills, climate change concerns, and public university affordability. She’s running to bring people together so it is possible that all of our families get the medical treatment that we need. Together, we can enjoy our 92nd District and accomplish our collective goals for our district.