Justin Bibb

Justin Bibb

Mayor of Cleveland, OH

2021 Endorsement

Justin is a community advocate and nonprofit leader running for Mayor of Cleveland to create a safer, healthier, and more resilient city.

Right now, Cleveland is at a crossroads. Violent crime and homicides rates are reaching record highs, businesses are collapsing, evictions are on the rise and black babies are dying before their first birthday.

Cleveland can’t wait.

Now more than ever, the city needs a bold, dynamic and visionary leader who will bring new ideas and a sense of urgency to addressing some of our most systemic challenges.

These problems are not new and that’s why it’s time for change. As mayor, Justin will champion a new generation of leadership to solve Cleveland’s oldest problems and modernize city government.

Cleveland needs a leader who understands tough times to get us through these tough times and Justin has the experience, values and compassion we need to help improve the lives of Cleveland’s kids and families. As the son of a social worker and first responder, Justin was raised to put others first, even when his family were struggling themselves.

Having gone to law school and completed an MBA, founded two nonprofits, served on the regional transit board, named Vice President of a major community bank and advised dozens of mayors across the country on leveraging data and technology, Justin will bring his personal and professional experience in the public and private sector to develop collaborative solutions, unify the city and lead Cleveland to economic recovery.