Kerri-Ann Nesbeth

Kerri-Ann Nesbeth

Miramar City Commission, Seat 1, FL

2021 Endorsement

Kerri-Ann is running for City of Miramar Commission Seat 1 to ensure that residents have a seat at the table when city-wide decisions are being made. She wants to prioritize equitable and inclusive practices while increasing transparency and accountability between city leaders and residents.

She has lived in Miramar for over 25 years. She is a daughter, sister, and an education advocate, working to ensure a quality education for youth regardless of socioeconomic status or zip code. Kerri-Ann has served as Vice President of her homeowner’s association, advocating for fellow community members' needs and raised thousands of scholarship dollars to support Miramar students’ post-secondary studies.

Kerri-Ann represents Miramar's future and is running a campaign to ensure the long-term viability of Miramar as a growing and diverse city. She will serve the community by prioritizing residents’ access to economic growth through jobs, increase resources to small businesses to support them through the pandemic, and partner with frontline workers to ensure ongoing safety for all residents.