Bethani Cameron

Bethani Cameron

Pittsburgh City Council, District 4, PA

2021 Endorsement

Bethani is a single mom to an amazing, 9-year-old boy. She’s a proud Pittsburgh Public Schools’ parent who's dining room has become their joint workspace, his third-grade classroom, and, now, her campaign office.

Bethani has worked in organizing, non-profits, and the private sector, but her years in city government revealed a dogged dedication to fixing our city’s problems. She knows that when we refuse to settle for scraps, we can make Pittsburgh work for all of us.

Bethani has seen that our city government leaves South Pittsburgh behind. She wants to fight to make sure our kids have the same opportunities as everyone else, and that our neighborhoods get the resources we deserve from the city. Our city and our people are facing challenges we never could have imagined, without enough resources to go around. That's why we need a single mom on City Council; because single mamas don't make excuses, they get the work done without enough money, time, or help. That's the leadership we need to make Pittsburgh work for everybody.