Shekar Krishnan

Shekar Krishnan

New York City Council, District 25, NY

2021 Endorsement

Shekar is a proud son of immigrants, a public school parent, a community advocate, and a civil rights lawyer who has devoted his career to fighting for low-income tenants in some of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in New York City. His advocacy has focused on amplifying the voices of those so frequently unheard by powerful institutions and on organizing for dignified and just treatment for communities of color.

Shekar and his family have called Jackson Heights their home for years, but Shekar’s connection to the district runs far beyond even his own life. His parents immigrated from South India and worked tirelessly to build a life for their family in this country. For them, 74th Street in Jackson Heights - where they would come to buy their groceries and essentials - was the only place that reminded them of a home 10,000 miles away.

Now, Shekar is fighting to make sure that our city can be a home for all. He is fighting for housing as a human right and for a city that stops tearing families apart through policing and incarceration and instead builds communities up through fully funded public housing, public education, and health care for all. His vision is for a city that strives for equity and that centers the voices, experiences, and needs of the most vulnerable in our neighborhoods -- low-income residents of color, immigrants, and LGBTQIA+ communities.