Brian LaVaque

Brian LaVaque

Lombard City Council, District 1, IL

2021 Endorsement

Brian has lived in Lombard Village, District 1 for eight years. His wife Diana actually grew up not too far from where they are trying to raise their children Leo and Margot. They wanted their kids to grow up in a place that had a great sense of community, and so were drawn to Lombard's little downtown. Like a lot of suburban commuter communities, the area went through a slow decline for decades. More aggressive towns nearby successfully reimagined their town centers, while Lombard just kind of sat there. There’s so much potential in the city, but his neighborhood needs more attention from the Village.

With his interest in how the local government worked, and looking for an opportunity to help out the community, Brian volunteered to work for the Village in 2013. He was appointed to our Economic and Development Committee, where he served for six years. He could see up close both what the real challenges are in a very competitive landscape, and the resources that exist to face them - if they could just improve our focus.

Brian is a key account representative for a major food company where he works every day to help both some of the largest companies in America and small family owned businesses that are the heart of their communities. Brian knows how to do this. He wants to have the chance to bring his unique insights, personal experience, and creative new ideas to the Village Council to help build the future for the town that he loves.