Hosanna Yemiru

Hosanna Yemiru

Dallas City Council, District 11, TX

2021 Endorsement

Hosanna is an organizer running to represent her home district in the Dallas City Council. Hosanna was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and moved to Dallas with her family at just 11 years old. Growing up in a working family, she relied on her city to survive: using the bus to get around, the libraries for wifi, and city services for utility payment assistance. Yet, year after year, these necessary services are always first for the chopping block. Now, she's running to ensure that all Dallasites have access to a city that invests in us as much as it demands from us.

On the council, Hosanna will be a champion for working families, and will fight to ensure that every Dallasite has a good home, access to good jobs and living wages, clean air to breathe, public transit that meets our needs and a neighborhood where we can raise our families in dignity. As an organizer, Hosanna knows that we only get what we fight for, and on the council, she’ll always be ready to demand more for our city: more accountability, more urgency and more creative solutions to our biggest challenges.

When elected, Hosanna will be the youngest member of the Dallas City Council, and the first woman of color to represent District 11.