James Ryan

James Ryan

Springfield City Council, At-Large, MA

2021 Endorsement

A public high school teacher by trade, James has watched the COVID-19 pandemic bring his community new challenges, while exposing deeply-rooted issues that have deprived Springfield of its full potential for generations. James is committed to making sure that all of Springfield has a voice as it not only recovers from this crisis, but rebuilds stronger than ever.

With years of governing experience under his belt -- ranging from economic development, housing, public health, sustainability and environmental preservation, and public safety -- James is ready to face the challenges facing Springfield head-on from day one.

James holds an M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and has spent his entire teaching career in Springfield, where he lives with his wife (Jessi - also a teacher), their two dogs (Sansa and Archer), and their soon-to-be daughter (Arya Rose).