Heather Hardinger

Heather Hardinger

Springfield City Council, General Seat A, MO

2021 Endorsement

Heather is a candidate for City Council, General Seat A in Springfield, MO. In volunteer roles and as a professional, Heather has dedicated time, energy, and effort to understanding the issues that face the city and wants to work to foster a community where everyone can thrive.

A growing economy can solve so many challenges in a community, and Springfield is a thriving and energetic metropolitan area that is the perfect incubator for a wealth of industries and jobs. One of Heather's priorities is to support existing businesses so that they can grow and expand in the area while working to attract new companies and good jobs.

Heather's entire career has been dedicated to public service in some capacity. She is committed to listening to citizens about their needs and working to lead Springfield's economy into an era of robust growth so families can thrive and maintain a good quality of life.