Harrison Wendt

Harrison Wendt

Durango City Council, CO

2021 Endorsement

Harrison is 23 years old. He is an educator, activist and community organizer. Harrison identifies as queer and has fought and continues to win his battle with addiction and mental health. Over the last year Harrison saw how his community had been both awakened and challenged. Through a pandemic, which hurt the working and middle class people and through Social uprisings after the murder of George Floyd. Harrison saw the people of Durango come together to support those grieving loss and saw a movement start in defense and advocacy of Black Lives. Harrison was honored to be a part of the Southwest Movement for Black Lives. Harrison believes that Black Lives Matter and that Indigenous lives must be valued, in every level of government. Harrison heard the calls from his community for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Harrison wants to pave the path for bold structural change:

-Economic Justice and Income Inequalities

-Environmental Justice

-Racial Justice

-Equity in Public Safety

-Expanded resources for addiction/mental health

-Accessibility for all; regardless of age, ability and language

-Combating gentrification and expanding affordable housing

-Safety and protection for Immigrants

-Dignity/shelter for unhoused neighbors

Harrison fell in love with Durango for its beauty, community and opportunity for growth. With that said, he recognizes the systemic inequities put in place to hinder opportunity and advancement for our most vulnerable citizens. This is just the beginning for bold change in our community. The time is now.