Amy Jimenez

Amy Jimenez

Mayor of Compton, CA

2021 Endorsement

Amy is a first generation Mexican-American. Her experience as a Mexican-American minority, female in the United States, and the educational and professional opportunities she was able to access despite the systemic barriers she came up against have driven her efforts to address the longstanding issues and work towards creating a Compton that is responsive to the diverse needs of its community.

She has dedicated her studies both undergrad and graduate to understanding how society functions in relation to government and systems of governance. She has devoted her working life to advance the success and access of underrepresented students to education and the workforce as an educator, a mentor, an advocate, and a legislative director as well as a director of public affairs. She has worked with nonprofit organizations, public institutions, and state government in multilevel collaboration with private companies.

She has lived and worked in places like Haiti, India, Spain, and England. This has expanded her worldview and has introduced her to new ways of thinking. Most importantly it has taught her the importance of building relationships and developing trust across diverse communities.

Amy is running for Mayor to revitalize the city Compton, close community gaps and bring transparency. Her campaign is focused on infrastructure and a green revitalization; public safety and community wellbeing; and transparency and accessibility.