Dr. Ian Shadrick

Dr. Ian Shadrick

Jefferson City Board of Education, MO

2021 Endorsement

Ian has over 16 years of experience in education, disability and blind rehabilitation services, counseling, administration, and public health. Ian is married and a parent of two children who are deaf and hard of hearing. As a person with low vision and parent, he understands the importance of access to high quality education.

Ensuring quality education for all students is a fundamental role of a community. Community involvement and investment in the education of its students is vital to helping all students succeed. From early intervention and Pre-K to High School, a high-quality education has a lasting impact on students and the community. Ian is running for the board of education because he has dedicated his professional life to advocating for access to quality education for all students. Having worked with students statewide, he has seen the impact of increased access to educational opportunities and services on students' lives. These are two of Ian’s top priorities for JCPS. Additionally, guaranteeing decisions are made based on data. Increasing professional development opportunities for staff and improving district communication are also priorities.

Ian brings experience and leadership skills to help strengthen JCPS for all students, and would be honored to serve as a board member. Ian holds a doctorate of education in special education leadership and educational leadership, with masters in rehabilitation teaching and counseling. He currently works remotely as a Blind Rehabilitation Specialist at Walter Reed Military Medical Center, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Special Education at Hunter College.