Ryan Lizanecz

Ryan Lizanecz

Portland Charter Commissioner, District 5, ME

2021 Endorsement

Ryan is running for Portland Charter Commission to bring neighborhood voice and power back into city hall. Ryan is a law student, graduate of Portland Public Schools and Bates College, and lifelong resident of the City of Portland, Maine. Ryan believes the neighborhoods of North Deering, Deering Center, and Riverton deserve an advocate for good government that will put the needs of our district first.

Portland is changing, and Ryan is running to make sure no one gets left behind in writing our new city charter. Many of the reforms Ryan hopes to adopt are a municipal clean elections program, a stronger mayor and council, and more power to neighborhood groups. These are common sense, low cost reforms that will only help our city continue to grow and thrive.

Ryan believes that we can't risk being pulled backwards into the past, now is our chance to make sure Maine's largest city works for us.