Ali Ramos

Ali Ramos

Amarillo City Council, District 13, TX

2021 Endorsement

Ali was born and raised in Amarillo, TX which heightens her passion for the care of its citizens. She recently graduated from Columbia University with a Master of Social Work degree and is always looking for ways to give back to the Amarillo community.

Ali decided to run for city council so that she could put her social work degree to good use while advocating for others as a progressive, queer woman in one of the reddest districts in Texas. She will fight for equal representation and diversity in local political leaders and will make sure that the voices of all communities are heard.

She is a member of several nonprofit and local city commissions which focus on disability and oppressed population issues. Due to Ali’s neuromuscular disability, she feels that this has given her the ability to adapt to societal pressures and offers a unique perspective on client care. She takes pride in showing others how to successfully navigate a system that was not made for people with disabilities.