Lydia Laythe

Lydia Laythe

Erie County Council, District 6, PA

2021 Endorsement

Lydia is a social worker, advocate, leader & step-mom. She’s worked as a trauma therapist, community organizer, and journalist - so she knows the power of listening, healing, empowering, and speaking truth to power. She serves in elected office currently, so she understands how the system works but is new enough to still bring a fresh perspective, creative solutions and innovation to every challenge she faces. In this role she advocates for accessibility, transparency, & accountability.

On Erie County Council, Lydia will bring a trauma-informed perspective to policy solutions, will advocate for County Prison reform, and will promote community benefits agreements and sustainable development. She has worked with people from every walk of life, from rural Crawford & Erie Counties to the City of Erie.

Lydia is ready to raise awareness, advocate for the community, and bring real action to Erie County Council.