Dr. Tyler Titus (they/them)

Dr. Tyler Titus (they/them)

Erie County Executive, PA

2021 Endorsement

Dr. Tyler Titus was born into poverty when their parents were teenagers. Tyler’s parents worked incredibly hard to provide their 12 children with the bare necessities. Growing up in a rural area, they saw many around them struggle. They watched their foster siblings face unimaginable challenges, as their parents tried to meet the needs of kids who had been neglected their whole lives. Tyler saw firsthand the failures of a system that leaves so many of us behind. This pain motivated them to be unafraid to stand up. Tyler wants to be a part of creating a future that is safe for their children, and yours.

Over the past 15 years, at the Erie County Office of Children and Youth, as a full-time therapist for youth in the foster system, and as the president of the Erie School Board, Tyler developed a nuanced understanding of how poverty, neglect, and abuse impacts communities. As a mental health professional, they see every day how severely broken our healthcare system is. As a small business owner, they know the challenges of building a successful future. As a former county employee, they understand the gaps and inefficiencies in the system.

Tyler believes deeply in quality healthcare for all, an economy that puts working families first, and an education system that gives every child a chance. They’re ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work so that we have an Erie County that is healthy, safe, and equitable—where no one is left behind.