Bridget O'Toole

Bridget O'Toole

Greece Town Justice, NY

2021 Endorsement

Bridget is a working mom of a young toddler, civil litigator and partner at her law firm, and is now running to be the the first Democratic woman elected to Greece Town Court in Western New York. Bridget is running for Town Justice to challenge the inequitable status quo that has been upheld in Greece by lopsided representation in her town's government.

In her law practice, Bridget holds state and local governments accountable for their actions in applying and enforcing the law. The current Town Justices’, whose backgrounds come from criminal and family courts, continue to uphold a strong 'law and order' stance which has disproportionately affected minority youth and poor folks in the community.

Bridget understands the impact the town court justices have in the school to prison pipeline from her position as a volunteer with Rochester Teen Court for almost a decade. Bridget’s background brings a diversity and viewpoint that differs from those currently on the bench: she intends to advocate for changes in the administration of Greece Town Court that will promote justice and equity for all who appear before the court.