Bridgette Craighead

Bridgette Craighead

Virginia House, District 9, VA

2021 Endorsement

Bridgette is a single-mother, small business owner, and social activist from Rocky Mount, VA. She made national news for organizing the first Black Lives Matter chapter in rural southwest Virginia and then again for speaking up when a photo of two local Police officers, posing inside the Capitol, surfaced after the events of January 6th.

Bridgette brings a message of love and unity and wants everyone to be represented in Richmond. Virginia’s 9th House District is a scenic, rural, area that has been neglected by its representatives and the decision-makers in our state capitol. The people of our area need Opportunities, Education, and Transportation to take the next steps into the 21st century. The area needs better paying jobs with benefits, affordable housing that creates communities, higher teacher salaries, better funded schools, effective early childhood education, affordable childcare, adult skills training, better roads and bridges, and smart transit solutions that can help improve commerce for everyone.

With her Strength, Resilience, and Determination, Bridgette will fight for hard-working families and speak truth to power. It is not enough to rally and hold signs. Bridgette is stepping up to take a seat at the table and prove that Virginia can show the world there can be Liberty and Justice for ALL.