Peter Spadafore

Peter Spadafore

Lansing City Council, At-Large, MI

2021 Endorsement

Peter, a fourth generation resident of Lansing, has a long track record of making a difference in the city of Lansing.

As President of the Lansing School Board, Peter led the district to a successful school bond issue in 2016 – taxpayers voted for hundreds of millions of dollars to be invested in our local schools under his leadership.

Peter has put the same passion to work for the City of Lansing, during his first term on the Lansing City Council working toward better governance and inclusive growth for all residents.

Peter was quickly recognized as a leader and consensus builder by his colleagues on City Council, having been elected Vice President his second year and serving two terms as President, navigating Council through the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual meetings, and unprecedented financial challenges.

Peter was elected to the Lansing School Board in November of 2011. Peter is a graduate of James Madison College at Michigan State University where he studied Social Relations and Policy with an emphasis on education policy and homeland security studies. He was also a fellow in the prestigious Michigan Political Leadership Program fellowship and named one of Lansing’s 10 over the Next Ten for 2013 and Distinguished Young Alumni by the Michigan State University Alumni Association in 2015.