Liz Gillooly

Liz Gillooly

Southold Town Trustee, NY

2021 Endorsement

Liz is a small business owner, an environmentalist, an activist, and a sailboat captain. She serves as a member of the Steering Committee for the Southold Justice Review & Reform Task Force and as a member of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Community Advisory Board.

Liz was introduced to sailing when she was 8 years old. With a tiller in her hand, she learned independence, responsibility and how lucky she truly was to be on the North Fork. These formative childhood experiences led her to a career as a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, sailing all over the world. She has seen firsthand that healthy waterways are integral to vibrant ecosystems, and that clean water is vital to our social and economic wellbeing.

She understands the need to weigh environmental initiatives with their economic impacts and will support policy that strikes a sensible balance. She believes that through advocating, innovating, and preserving, we can ensure a just future for all residents of Southold Town. Liz is honored to be running as an engaged listener who will bring enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the Board of Trustees.