Denzel McCampbell

Denzel McCampbell

Detroit City Clerk, MI

2021 Endorsement

Denzel is a community advocate in Detroit. He was born and raised on the east side and is a graduate of Michigan State University. He is dedicated to public service, fighting day in and day out to increase access to democracy and representation for marginalized groups.

As a little boy, Denzel’s parents instilled in him the importance of being involved, showing up for others, and making your voice heard when it comes to equity and doing what is right. He has worked for the last decade on voting rights and increasing access to the ballot for communities of color and young voters.

Currently serving as an elected Detroit City Charter Commissioner, Denzel has been a part of a crucial effort to revise the city’s constitution to answer to the needs of residents and to create an equitable foundation for the structure for our city government for decades to come. Denzel also serves as communications director and advisor for Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI-13). He also serves as a board member for the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice and the Mary Turner Center for Advocacy.