Rae Vander Werf

Rae Vander Werf

American River Flood Control District Trustee, CA

2022 Endorsement

Rae is running for reelection to the American River Flood Control District (ARFCD). As a scientist who works on water issues and has studied flood control issues, they care deeply about these and other related issues that we are facing in our community. They want to protect our community and make sure that the Flood Control District is accessible to everyone.

Rae has lived all over the Sacramento Valley, and earned a Bachelors in Environmental Policy, and a Masters in Water Resource Management. They will continue to utilize their specialized background to better the community. As a trustee, they have been able to work with the board to make some big changes. The first big change is that the ARFCD board now records all of our meetings and posts them onto our websites. This is so vital to ensure that those who cannot attend the meeting in person can still have a chance to hear what is being done at the board. The second major thing that has changed is the board has agreed to use the 2020 census data to transfer to district elections in the future.

Flood protection is extremely important in Sacramento as many of us live in floodplains. There is still a lot that ARFCD could improve on. Rae is advocating for the board to do carbon tracking and work on becoming more carbon neutral. Before Covid-19 the board was just starting to really do more outreach. This is vital so people can learn what ARFCD does and that the board exists. These are some of the reasons Rae is running for reelection to ARFCD.