Dontaye Carter

Dontaye Carter

Mayor of Sandy Springs, GA

2021 Endorsement

Dontaye is a husband and father running for Mayor of Sandy Springs and believes that integrity and transparency in our city government matter. As a journalist, he has traveled across the United States and can say with absolute certainty that there’s nowhere else he’d rather work, live, and raise children. Dontaye and his wife have built a life, a family, and their successful businesses here.

He desires to live in a city where the leadership reflects the diversity of our growing population. A city that is affordable for our first responders, teachers, and working families. A city that prioritizes integrity and transparency in government.

His experience is wide-ranging, but the thing that ties it all together is his ability to listen to people and find a way to tell their stories and make their voices heard. This is what he did every day as a journalist, in his work with the District Attorney, and in his own business as a public relations and media professional. And as the next Mayor of Sandy Springs, his goal is to move the city forward in a way that brings us along together.