Amber Sellers

Amber Sellers

Lawrence City Commission, KS

2021 Endorsement

As a lifelong Kansan and public policy professional working in public health, Amber is running for Lawrence City Commission to utilize her public policy knowledge and passion for civic engagement to strengthen her community from within. Amber understands policy- how to inform and engage people directly in the process, and how to implement good policy. For her, implementation is key.

Amber believes community members must be able to see themselves in their elected officials. She understands that infrastructure is not just about roads—it’s about building community, it’s about connecting people, bringing people together, it’s about inclusion. She has made a commitment to ensure people most impacted by law and policies are also engaged in shaping them. She currently serves as chair on the City’s Human Relations Commission, recognizing the need to connect resources with the needs of the people as it pertains to civil rights.

Amber recognizes that public health and public safety is deeply intertwined with social justice. Her priorities include, 1) engaging in community consensus-building with law enforcement to identify measurable outcomes and strategies to operationalize equitable policing in practice, policy, and training; 2) developing an efficient affordable housing plan that grows community health; and 3) implementing strategies that address economic development, focusing on training, retaining, and repositioning individuals to meet employment needs while working to spur new industry growth, especially small/minority business development. In gaining the support of voters, Amber will be the first African American woman elected to the City Commission in over 50 years.