Allison Miller

Allison Miller

Florida State Attorney, Sixth Judicial Circuit, FL

2022 Endorsement

Allison is running for State Attorney for Pasco and Pinellas Counties (Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida) because we can do better. We have learned a lot about criminal justice over the last 40 years. We know better; therefore, we should do better. And we can certainly do better than the business-as-usual current State Attorney's Office.

Allison is a career public defender who has been a tireless advocate for the last 15 years, fighting to uphold the integrity of the criminal justice system. She sits on the Board of Directors of Suzerain Capital Defense, a nonprofit organization working to support and defend indigent individuals facing death penalty prosecution. Allison has coauthored bipartisan legislation to prevent the death penalty’s application to people with serious mental illness. She is recognized by the Florida Bar as an expert in criminal trial law. She is a mom, wife, daughter, victim of violent crime, victim advocate and Catholic.

Allison is going to keep the community safe, keep the community prosperous, and provide a pathway to redemption by transitioning away from a carceral criminal justice system and to one that focuses on prevention, diversion and treatment. Allison will intentionally and systematically work to dismantle the processes that have undermined racial justice for far too long.