Matthew Mackey

Matthew Mackey

New York Assembly, District 101, NY

2022 Endorsement

Matthew is a social worker and social justice advocate with over 30 years of experience. Starting at a young age, Matthew has been an advocate for disenfranchised community groups ranging from differently-abled people to the LGBTQIA+ community, using their voice to uplift communities through policy advocacy.

Matthew is running to represent New York State Assembly District 101, the most gerrymandered rural district in the state on a platform of fighting social injustice, empowering communities, educational reform, establishing a universal healthcare system and expanding rural healthcare access.

Matthew has a master’s in social work from Adelphi University where xe focused on systemic change through policy. A fighter for people all xis life, Matthew used the power of collective action to help stop the deportation of a same-sex, bi-national couple by petitioning the Obama administration in 2011, and later co-founded a group dedicated to ending oppression within the social work profession and provide affirmative experiences for LGBTQIA+ social workers.

Matthew also serves on the advocacy and government relations and social justice committees of the National Association of Social Workers - New York State Chapter, where xe helps form policy agendas and speaks directly to State Legislators to make changes in existing policy. Matthew lives in Kerhonkson, NY with xis husband.