Mary Kate Feeney

Mary Kate Feeney

Framingham City Council, District 3, MA

2021 Endorsement

As Framingham emerges in this post-pandemic recovery, it needs leaders who know the challenges it faces as a community can be addressed by empowering its people, thinking creatively, and taking action.

This is why Mary Kate running for District 3 Councilor.

Mary Kate is a resident of Pheasant Hill, small business owner, former public servant and pragmatic progressive.

She has spent her life in service to others, first by working for Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and more recently as a voice for change on topics such as public transportation, sustainability and growing the city’s economy.

Working for Governor Patrick put her on the front lines of government by collaborating with advocates, agencies and residents to solve problems, and bringing government to the people through transparency and accessibility projects.

Her work in government and running a small business as a marketing consultant gives her an edge: first-hand knowledge of the needs of residents and businesses, the ability to approach issues differently and analyze every detail.

As Councilor, she will be focused on working to reduce the city’s carbon footprint by 2035; bringing partners together to develop a plan for rail trails and alternative public transportation projects, supporting local small businesses; and advocating for new public and mental health initiatives in our schools and community, and age-friendly community initiatives for seniors.

Mary Kate is the Vice Chair of the Strategic Initiatives and Financial Oversight Committee. She is a graduate of Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada.