Jacob Torgerson

Jacob Torgerson

Montana House, District 81, MT

2022 Endorsement

Jacob is a 19-year old candidate running for House District 81.

In 2021, Montana's republican supermajority state legislature trounced the rights of minorities, municipalities, and individual freedoms at large. Jacob is running because he knows he has the energy to go up to the capitol every single day—champion the issues of working families, local governments, Women, and LGBTQ2S+ folks—and fight hard to stop his state's tyrannical republican supermajority.

Helena needs a fighter now more than ever—someone who truly understands the struggles of working people. That is why Jacob is running for House District 81.

Jacob is a gay urban Native American, who grew up in a working-class, blue-collar family of 7. He was born and raised here and is a graduate of Helena’s public schools, as well as an active organizer in the Helena community. Jacob comes from a family of small business owners and is a food service industry employee at a small business. Jacob is also in his second year as a student at Helena College. 

As a legislator, Jacob will fight for:

1. Universal Childcare and Pre-K 

2. Affordable Housing

3. Protections for LGBTQ2S+ Folks 

4. a clean and healthful environment for future generations

and so much more

Jacob knows how much of a battle getting these things done will be, but he has dealt with obstructionists all his life—people who told him to go home early, to stop fighting because the fight looks too hard, or to bruising.

Jacobs message to those detractors: You don't get what you don't fight for, and He is fighting for Helena's Working families.