Sean Sargent

Sean Sargent

Manchester City Council, Ward 8, NH

2021 Endorsement

Sean is a lifelong Manchester resident running for the Ward 8 Aldermanic seat. He loves the ward and loves the city. He grew up in this ward, went to three schools in this ward, and decided to bring his family here when he and his wife bought their first home. It’s truly a great place to live.

It’s important to have leadership in place that is proud to reside in Manchester and wants to be here to help build it up. That’s what Sean wants to do.

It's time for our community to build together. There is tremendous foundation from which to start, but the right leadership is needed to hit the ground running in the next term with the opportunities that have been provided to the city.

Sean believes that working together will go a long way in bolstering the many attractive qualities of our city and in alleviating some of the problems our city faces like the housing crisis, homelessness, and the drug epidemic.

Sean will focus on making interactions with the government a more positive experience while emphasizing community cohesiveness. He will empower constituents, every constituent, to be involved in helping shape our city and the decisions of our government.