Liz Olhsson

Liz Olhsson

Lakehaven Water & Sewer Commissioner, Position 5, WA

2021 Endorsement

Dr. Liz Olhsson is proud to be a product of Pacific Northwest public schools, kindergarten through doctorate. She's an experienced climate scientist and IT Systems Engineer with a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy and Management, who focused on computer models of coastal oceans, rivers, and watersheds.

As a queer, Jewish woman, Liz is committed to the principle of Tikkun Olam -- "healing the world.” She hopes to localize that ideal together with the community as Lakehaven Water and Sewer District Commissioner by helping to chart a path forward into the rapidly changing future of South King County's climate; a path that centers environmental justice every step along the way, beginning with the principle of universal access to water and sanitation, which are ultimately not commodities, but basic human needs. The grotesque practice of threatening struggling families with water and sewer shut-offs can and must end. Liz would extend the existing (and expiring!) COVID-19 shut-off moratorium into a permanent climate emergency moratorium.

Seeking bold, structural approaches to access, affordability and sustainability of Lakehaven’s services, Liz will pursue climate-resilient infrastructure like wastewater recycling and rainwater collection; partner with Lakehaven’s employees to create a pro-worker, pro-union, and pro-workplace-diversity institution; and actively seek out new opportunities for her community to become better connected and more efficient.