Samantha Kaag

Samantha Kaag

Mayor of West Reading, PA

2021 Endorsement

Samantha is a community advocate that is fully invested and involved in West Reading. Samantha is current a borough council woman and sits on numerous committees such as; Recreation, Environmental Advisory Council, Personnel, Town and Gown, along with being the West Reading Community Garden Manager. She is also committed to protecting and serving her community as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT at the West Reading Fire Department.

Samantha is currently running for Mayor of West Reading where her goal is to keep traditions in place while also being flexible enough to expand with the times and handle concerns head on before they spiral into issues. She is focused on continuing to help to move West Reading forward in a positive direction by keeping communication open between the borough administration, business owners, and residents by informing them of things that directly effect them and continuing to be involved in the community.

As a Certified Borough Official, along with the roles / committees she has been able to learn from, be involved in, and be hands on with, including her time on Borough Council, and her Emergency Services background, Samantha is fully confident and prepared to take on the role of Mayor of West Reading and will be ready on day one to continue to serve her community, and those who reside in it, effectively and efficiently.