Rebecca Like

Rebecca Like

Kauai Prosecuting Attorney, HI

2022 Endorsement

Rebecca is a progressive candidate running for Prosecuting Attorney for the Islands of Kauai and Niihau because she cares deeply about protecting her island home. She hopes to lead the office where she has worked as a Deputy Prosecutor for the last 11 years.

During her time as Deputy Prosecutor, she has seen firsthand how access to resources can determine someone’s success or failure within the criminal justice system. She hopes to expand access to resources while continuing to pursue justice in every case. She’s proven herself a skilled leader and developed a profound understanding of how the criminal legal system affects everyone in her community, whether a victim, a witness, or a person who has caused harm.

Rebecca knows that a person’s worst action should be viewed as a boundary, not a center line. She will lead her office with compassion and focus on transparency and meaningful accountability, not just mass incarceration. A top priority will be building connections with criminal justice stakeholders, while focusing on victim’s rights.