Kendrick Cunningham

Kendrick Cunningham

Charlotte City Council, District 2, NC

2022 Endorsement

Kendrick is running for Charlotte City Council District Three. A dynamic Democrat focused on upward mobility and system transformation, he has tirelessly worked to register youth and increase his generation's capacity to impact change in North Carolina for over half a decade. An UNA-USA Emerging Leader, he knows that the UN anticipates Charlotte to be the fastest growing area in America through 2030.

Kendrick is running to make Housing for All law in Charlotte and remove barriers working family communities experience accessing housing at affordable prices in Charlotte’s housing market. Kendrick envisions a day where all Charlotteans can affordably eat, work, and play relatively close to where they sleep.

A contributor of the Biden Housing Plan, Kendrick has worked to advance housing for all in Charlotte since 2017. Ending source of income discrimination is one of the reasons he decided to continue his career in organizing beyond building youth power in NC. Kendrick believes that this is the viable pathway forward to eliminating De Facto Segregation in America which would remove a lot of barriers for an extremely diverse group of Americans across all income levels.

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