Zachery Fuller

Zachery Fuller

Griffin City Commission, District 5, GA

2021 Endorsement

Zachery has spent their whole life in Griffin and has always been looking for ways to improve the lives of the people who live here. Big money interests have run Griffin for too long, while the needs of the people have gone overlooked. Zachery is dedicated to improving the lives of working people by protecting our environment, funding our school system, and preventing crime by reducing poverty.

Zachery spent four years as a DJ and event organizer filling Griffinites hearts with love and joy at their weddings and celebrations. That joy is what drives Zachery in their political activism. The average American is having a harder and harder time enjoying their lives and living up to their full potential because our government puts profits over people. We can make the government work for us and provide necessary improvements on housing, jobs, healthcare, and education if we elect people who are willing to do it.

Zachery has a plan for how Griffin can tackle these issues without compromising on the people’s pursuit of happiness. There is no reason why our local government can’t provide for its people and protect our planet, and that’s exactly what Zachery Fuller plans to do.