Elsa Mejia

Elsa Mejia

Madera City Council, District 5, CA

2021 Endorsement

Elsa is the daughter of indigenous immigrant farmworkers —granddaughter of a Bracero— and first-generation college graduate who is seeking to fill the empty District 5 seat in the Madera City Council.

She is a lifelong Madera resident who attended Madera Unified schools and graduated from Fresno State with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and Journalism, and a Certificate in Legal Studies. Her life experiences greatly influenced her professional and volunteer work.

Elsa has been heavily involved in social justice causes, including immigration reform and workers’ rights, since she was a teen. As a high school student, she pleaded before city council helping to secure land to create Madera’s first community garden. As an undergrad, she worked full time as a reporter, volunteered to help pass a bond to build a new high school, and now uses her communication skills to help union workers.

Elsa is committed to working toward better economic opportunities, a humane approach to addressing the growing houseless crisis, more opportunities for youth, fixing infrastructure and for a government that is transparent and accessible to all.

She lives in Madera, with her husband, Abrahan.