Daniella Deseta Lyttle

Daniella Deseta Lyttle

Texas State Court, 261st District Judge, TX

2022 Endorsement

Daniella is an award-winning multilingual trial lawyer (Spanish and Portuguese) who has served her community in the areas of family law and immigration for over twelve years. She is an immigrant, mother, and Army veteran who knows all too well that we need judges who understand the struggles of working families and who have the temperament, compassion, and cultural competence to serve on the bench.

Daniella knows what it is like to face income and educational inequality and has taken an active role advocating and volunteering for her community in Travis County for well over a decade.

If elected Daniella will be the first immigrant and the first female veteran to serve the 261st Civil District Court in Travis County, Austin, Texas.

Daniella served as Army Infantry Combat Medic for eight years, graduated with honors from University of South Florida and graduated at the top ten percent of her class - Magna Cum Laude from Michigan State University College of Law. She’s the proud owner and Managing Partner of Lyttle Law Firm, PLLC, where for well over a decade she has lead her team to provide legal services to the Austin community to people facing some of the most challenging times in their lives. Daniella and her team at Lyttle Law pride themselves in serving Austin residents with compassion, empathy, creative advocacy, passion, and expertise.