Ashley Eason

Ashley Eason

Indiana Senate, District 46, IN

2022 Endorsement

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born in Indiana—some Hoosiers have to find their way home. Ashley and her husband Andy moved to Indianapolis for work but instantly felt at home. Indy has the perfect combination of hard-working innovators and friendly Midwestern charm. (Also, they never could have guessed the Indy 500 was what was missing from their lives!)

Ashley had quite the adventure getting to Indiana, and her experiences have prepared her for the challenges to come with governing. As a nonprofit executive, she has led teams and projects with business and government partners, so she has a unique understanding of the needs of each sector. She also understands how to achieve great outcomes with limited resources. She has deep experience leading bi-partisan advocacy teams connected with communities at the grassroots level—having coordinated 300 high-level volunteers across four Midwestern states.

From her Texas roots, to her time living in Memphis and D.C., she learned how different communities tackle their unique challenges. When she studied and worked abroad, she developed ways to build bridges across cultural divides to solve problems. These skills and more have prepared her to serve at the Indiana statehouse.