Adam M. Swartz

Adam M. Swartz

Dallas Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 1, TX

2022 Endorsement

Since 1993, the incumbent judge, has affected thousands of cases that come from our families and neighbors. Y'know what's really scary? Showing up to Court with extra anxiety about being shamed for your body, your clothes, your past, your money, or the color of your skin. Fairness and dignity are the minimum people deserve (and should expect).

We need a fair justice who won't pre-judge people in their Court. It would be the first time JP 3-1 would have a new judge in over a generation. We were within .4% of winning in 2018. Your support can make that happen

Adam's consumer and criminal law practice lines up exactly with JP duties in Dallas County: Small claims, Traffic Tickets, Evictions, and Weddings (STEW). Awarded SuperLawyer Rising Star (Thompson Reuters) awards for consumer protection every year since 2017, Adam has spent nearly a decade in Dallas County courts as an advocate, on people's sides (as opposed to 'on their backs'). Adam will work to bring our community court into the 21st century and save our taxpayers time and money.