Hannah King

Hannah King

Burlington City Council, Ward 8, VT

2022 Endorsement

Hannah is a renter, student, and daughter of a single mother. Her father was a construction worker, and her mother is a healthcare worker and proud union member. The lived experiences of her family have served as the foundation of her commitment to pushing actionable progressive policy forward. Hannah truly understands the struggles so many Ward 8 neighbors face because she lives them herself.

From day one Hannah has been running on a platform that advocates for compassionate public safety that works for all Burlingtonians, a housing-first approach that pushes for rent stabilization, the creation of guaranteed minimum income, and centering climate and racial justice in each and every conversation.

Hannah is running for City Council to be a representative leader that listens and is responsive, is thoughtful in their approach to solving complex problems, and, frankly, just puts real progress before politics as usual.