Arriell Q. Gipson

Arriell Q. Gipson

Shelby County Clerk, TN

2022 Endorsement

Arriell is a lifelong Tennessean who often draws on her Memphis roots to be deliberate and afraid of nothing. As a graduate of Leaders of Color, Organizing for Action, New Memphis Leadership Institute, and The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Arriell has worked in four diverse career fields all across the state of Tennessee that range from small business, non-profit, government, and public health. This unique life path has crafted a rich set of transferable skills, adaptation, and sharpened her ability to succeed in any environment. Arriell is currently a Public Health Coordinator in Shelby County, TN – the largest and most diverse county in the state of Tennessee – with three focal areas; community safety, community resilience, and violence prevention.

Arriell has an undeniable love for service and when she’s not leading and managing winning pollical campaigns she’s using her innovative mindset and contagious energy to volunteer in her community. You can always find Arriell at the corner where resilience and civic engagement meet as hundreds of Shelby Countians stand behind her. Arriell believes that on the ground you see the raw beauty of human connection and it’s there where change is birthed. This is why the A-Team has already spent months talking to neighbors, employees, business owners of Shelby County to include their voice in this campaign.

Arriell often shares that the County Clerk’s office may not be the sexiest office on the ballot (it’s second to last on the ballot) but it’s one of the most essential as nearly a million Shelby Countians interact with the services every single year. Arriell was employed by the County Clerk’s office and spent much time learning the history and identifying solutions for the plaguing issues the operations held. She knows what it takes to fix the low morale, decrease the long wait times, and make essential services more accessible to the people.

Arriell is committed to the positive growth of Shelby County. Arriell is The Answer.