Sajid A. Khan

Sajid A. Khan

Santa Clara County District Attorney, CA

2022 Endorsement

Sajid is a San Jose native and first-generation Muslim, Indian-American public defender and outspoken civil rights advocate running for Santa Clara County District Attorney.

Sajid has been a public defender for over 14 years. Sajid has fought for people’s constitutional rights and against systemic racism and mass incarceration, handling every type of case from low-level misdemeanors to death penalty litigation. Through these experiences, Sajid has learned the criminal legal system inside and out.

He is running for Santa Clara County District Attorney to build a justice system that protects the safety and dignity of all people in the place he's called home his entire life.

Sajid believes Black Lives Matter and will fight the status quo of systemic racism and mass incarceration that fails to keep our communities safe.

As District Attorney, Sajid will invest in mental health services and other alternatives to incarceration that are proven to prevent violent and property crimes.

Sajid will honor survivors and address the root causes of crime to alleviate suffering, heal our community, and reduce recidivism.

Sajid will be an independent DA that holds police accountable when they violate the law.

When elected, Sajid will be the first person of color to serve as Santa Clara County District Attorney in the 172-year history of the office.