Paul Prescod

Paul Prescod

Pennsylvania Senate, District 8, PA

2022 Endorsement

Paul is a history teacher and a union activist. His father, also a teacher, emigrated from Barbados and taught him the importance of education and equality.

Paul's goal has always been to help win power and dignity for working people. As a student at Temple University, he stood in solidarity with Temple Hospital nurses and other union workers. As a teacher in Philadelphia’s public schools, he's been on the front lines fighting for the schools our students deserve. In 2020, he worked with local labor unions to pass the Essential Worker Protection Act, which prevents employers from retaliating against workers who report violations of COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Before and during the pandemic, Paul has been committed to mobilizing community support for essential workers like UPS drivers, sanitation workers, and postal workers. Through his work in organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America, he's worked tirelessly to build the broad and diverse coalitions we need to win real change.

As an employee in Philadelphia’s public schools, and a longtime resident of West Philadelphia, he's witnessed firsthand the deep inequality that affects our state and cities. Young students, families, and educators are facing the highest burdens of unfair policies while wealthy corporations benefit the most, and it’s time for that to change. Working people need more, and he's running for PA State Senate to fight for the future we deserve.