Jennifer Sonne for Alaska House

Jennifer Sonne for Alaska House

Alaska House, District 11, AK

2022 Endorsement

Jennifer is a chemist and visual artist running to be one of the very few scientists/ artists to have ever held office in the Alaska State House. Jenn first entertained the idea of running for state house when they noticed that the incumbent ran unopposed in 2020. Jenn fully believes in service to one's community,\ and they could think of no better way to serve the state and they love than to run to more responsibly represent the South Anchorage district to improve Alaska for all.

Jenn's primary issues include improving K-12 education for students and teachers, funding for Alaska's University System, and increasing the diversity of Alaska's economy by increasing support and opportunity for small businesses and by developing opportunities within renewable energy in-state. They are pro-organized labor, for criminal justice reform, and intend to fight for improved equity and income equality in Alaska.

Alaskans are frontline witnesses to climate change as they watch wildfires ravage the state, glaciers recede, permafrost melt, sea ice diminish, and coastal communities flood. Every step that can be taken to lessen the impact of climate change on Alaskan communities by shifting to renewable energy will help Alaska both environmentally and economically.