Sara Beth Myers

Sara Beth Myers

Davidson County District Attorney, TN

2022 Endorsement

Sara Beth is an accomplished civil rights attorney, Vanderbilt Law graduate, statewide nonprofit founder, and community leader running for District Attorney in Davidson County, Tennessee, which includes Nashville. Sara Beth has been fighting for victims of racial and domestic violence, as well as prosecuting public officials, law enforcement officers, and private citizens when they violate people’s civil rights for 10 years.

She is running for District Attorney because Nashville cannot wait another 8 years for change. Her campaign is about modernizing and re-envisioning how we approach criminal justice. To make Nashville safer and our justice system more equitable, Sara Beth will focus on Crime Prevention, Civil Rights Advances, and Restorative Justice. For nonviolent offenses, Sara Beth will champion a restorative approach to heal communities without contributing to mass incarceration.

When elected, she will make history as the first woman District Attorney in Davidson County. Sara Beth lives with her husband and two young children in East Nashville, Tennessee.