Esther Agbaje

Esther Agbaje

Minnesota House, District 59B, MN

2022 Endorsement

Esther is running for re-election to build up our collective strength to tear down the barriers of race, class, and gender to give people a true opportunity to lead successful lives. Esther is an attorney with experience in litigation and regulatory work. She is an active volunteer with the Hennepin County Housing Court Project and gives advice to people facing eviction or other housing cases. She also volunteers with a local community coalition to support youth empowerment.

Esther’s campaign is focused on inclusivity and wellness so that everyone has a place to live, fully funded public schools, and living wage jobs in a green economy. In her first term Esther is already a strong advocate for the district and finds common ground with other legislators. As a millenial, a generation that has suffered numerous setbacks, Esther brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to government.

Her goals for the next term are to create policy and increase funding to support workers in the care economy. The pandemic has brought our health care workers, teachers, and other support staff across our economy to the brink. We need to support the next generation of employees by making sure they have safe places to work and living wage jobs. She expects to advance policies in housing and education to benefit workers in her second term.