Atalia Garcia Williams

Atalia Garcia Williams

Dallas Justice of the Peace (Precinct 2, Place 1), TX

2022 Endorsement

Atalia is a bilingual (Spanish and English) attorney, mediator, and real estate professional. She is an experienced attorney of almost 12 years. Her law practice serves the community, and it has allowed her the opportunity to work with clients in many areas of law. She knows the court system and the law. Atalia can hit the ground running from her first day on the bench. As a first-generation college graduate of Mexican immigrant parents, she was taught the importance of hard work at a very early age.

Atalia knows what it is like not to have it easy. She was a teenage mother and survived domestic violence. She pulled herself up with her bootstraps and graduated college and law school. She became a lawyer, all as a single mother. Atalia is knowledgeable in many areas of law.

Atalia wants to make sure that people are treated fairly in our justice system. Atalia understands that the People’s Court deals with real cases that affect real people. She is dedicated to access to the courts, justice, and equity. Atalia believes everyone should have their day in court and have a qualified and experienced person on the other side of the bench.

If elected, Atalia will be the first Latina elected to this court. Atalia understands the community and will listen and respect them. Atalia will bring her real-world experience as an individual and her experience as an Attorney to ensure the law is upheld while being compassionate, just, and fair.