Stephanie Manning

Stephanie Manning

Limestone County Commission, District 3, AL

2022 Endorsement

Stephanie, a licensed social worker, is running for the Limestone County Commission, District 3 in North Alabama because she wants to be part of the solution. Stephanie has worked in substance abuse treatment, child and family therapy, school mental health, correctional mental health, and sexual assault prevention.

Now, she wants to work for the residents of Limestone County. Stephanie believes that state funding through grants and other available resources are not being utilized in Limestone County. This is why our roads and bridges are inadequate. This is why we don’t have quality mental health and social services. This is why we don’t have access to high speed internet. Stephanie commits to governing in the same way she practices social work. This is by aligning with the ethical principles of public service, and respecting the dignity and worth of a person.

Stephanie Manning’s commitment to Limestone County is simple: top put in the work that is necessary. Stephanie will take the time and effort to apply to grants that the current commissioners have not bothered with, and she will follow the evidence-based community models and strategies put forth by the National Association of Counties. With Stephanie Manning in office, Limestone County will improve and its residents will have an advocate on the commission.